Personal Rumidifier RD40

Personal Rumidifier RD40
Retail Price $19.95

Newest addition to Rumidifier family is the decorative as well as functional small space humidifier. A wide range of colors and designs to choose from, these compact, eco-friendly and non-non electric humidifier will literally bring color and life into your rooms. Highly recommended for office cubicles, bedrooms, spas, hotel rooms. They also fits perfectly in your car cup holders and helps to humidify and diffuse aroma at the same time.


Eco-friendly – The Rumidifier pots works without any electricity and is made from minimal and durable plastic and the evaporative felt is made of natural materials.

Green & Sustainable – The biodegradable tissue and durable Rumidifier pot is a green product and contributes to a sustainable economic future.

Cordless – The humidifying tissue pots can be placed anywhere in the room with no annoying or dangerous power cords in your way.

Noise-free – Without any electric fan or moving parts, these pots efficiently humidify and spreads aroma into your room quietly, sitting pretty.

Safe – Rumidifier operates without any requirement for electricity, moving parts or a fan, which makes it very safe to operate in a home environment with young children or pets.

Compact & Lightweight – The Rumidifier pots made of light-weight, durable plastic and cloth material for easy cleaning and handling.

Easy assembly – Just open, clip, insert and fill with water to maintain and enjoy your comfortably humidified space.

Decorative – Unlike conventional humidifiers these pots are pleasing to the eyes and do not consume much floor/counter space. You can be creative and use as many as you need for decorating a larger room. 

Affordable – The pot unit is very affordable at $19.95 suggested retail price.

Colour Options – Humidifier pots comes in attractive color selections to match with your décor.


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