Rumidifier RD10

Rumidifier RD10

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The first product in the Rumidifier Home Comfort line of products is the award-winning, energy efficient and eco-friendly room humidifier for floor vents. Available in two different colors, White and Brown, Rumidifier is cordless, compact and light weight- installing quickly and easily over existing heating vents, without any tools. These units can be used even when you have a central humidifier attached. They can boost the humidity where you feel the need for more; like your bed room, baby's room, music room or solaruims for tropical plants. 



Extremely Energy efficient – The operating cost is ZERO as Rumidifier does not require electricity to operate.

Eco-friendly – Rumidifier is an eco-friendly option because it re-uses the existing air flow from forced air furnaces and requires no electricity to operate.

Green & Sustainable – Rumidifier is a green product and contributes to a sustainable economic future.

Cordless - No annoying or dangerous power cords in your way. Rumidifier does not run on electricity and therefore is not connected by a cord to a power outlet.

Noise-free – Without an electric fan or moving parts, Rumidifier operates silently.

Affordable – Rumidifier is very affordable ($39.95 suggested retail price) - retailing for much less than conventional humidifiers.

Safe – Rumidifier operates without any requirement for electricity, moving parts or a fan, which makes it very safe to operate in a home environment with young children or pets.

Compact & Lightweight – Rumidifier requires only a small portion of floor space, fitting over the floor vents. The unit is also made of light-weight, durable recycled plastic for easy cleaning and handling.

Easy to Install - Rumidifier’s modular and simple design enables customers to easily assemble the. Absolutely no tools are required for installation; the unit simply slides in the standard heat register/vent once the grill has been removed.

Easy to Maintain – Unlike other humidifiers in the market, Rumidifier is easy to maintain due to no moving parts or an electrical motor. High Capacity Water Tank –Rumidifier has two 1.8L water tanks and one 1.5L base tank for greater water tank capacity. On an average, the water tanks need to be filled only once every three days.

Empty Water Tank Indicator – The water tanks are made of clear plastic making it easy to monitor the water level. The water tank will displace from its base, popping out automatically when the tank is empty and indicating the tanks need to be re-filled.

Compatible with standard heat floor registers/vents –Rumidifier fits on top of any standard room floor vent or register.

Built-in Medicine/Scented oil or Aroma dispenser – For your convenience, there is a built-in container for dispensing medicine or scented oil into the room.

Built-in ON/OFF mechanism – Rumidifier only humidifies the room when your furnace is on and circulating dry air. So Rumidifier never over humidifies or under humidifies your rooms.

Colour Options - Rumidifier comes in three color selections - white, beige and walnut - to match with different flooring and décor.

Multi-Purpose: Pet Feeder/Plant Stand – Rumidifier is multi- functional and can be used also as a pet feeder or decorative plant stand. (Ask for these accessories when purchasing).

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