Key benefits of this award-winning innovation

Benefits of Humidity
  • Positive Health Benefits
  • Good for Wood Interiors
  • Energy Savings
  • Reduces Static Electricity
  • Minimize Dust & Bacteria
  • Good for Pets and Indoor Plants
The Challenges with Conventional Room Humidifiers

Quite simply, conventional room humidifiers are noisy, expensive and use a lot of energy.  All the room humidifiers available on the market today run on electricity which adds approximately $25 - $30 to consumers’ annual energy bills. These humidifiers typically cost from $50 - $250 per unit. In addition, the noisy hum from the electric motor and fan is annoying and the electric motors are prone to breaking down.  Large and bulky, conventional humidifiers take up valuable floor space and are constrained to being placed near a power outlet.

Our solution- Don’t humidify, Rumidify

The innovative Rumidifier humidifying solution is used with forced air heating systems, recycling the air flow from forced air furnaces to deliver moisture into the room quietly and efficiently.  The technology requires no electricity or energy to operate. Cordless, compact and lightweight, the Rumidifier installs quickly and easily over any room floor vent. Or simply attach the Rumidifier Central Furnace unit to work with Rumidifier room humidifiers for a complete humidifying solution. At the suggested retail price of $39.95 – the Rumidifier is very affordable.

Get a Rumidifier and start saving today with very affordable retail price and every day energy savings.

Retail Availability:
Canadian Tire
TSC Stores

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